Charge Conference

2017 Charge Conference Information

A major question has been, “How will we handle charge conferences with re-districting?” Many different formats have been attempted in the past to make the charge conference a significant event in the life of the connection and local church. However, it seems a return to simplicity of form and function may be helpful.

The charge conference is fundamentally an administrative process wherein the local church takes action on the election of officers, setting clergy compensation, recommending persons for ministry and approving various reports that review and evaluate the local church’s mission and ministry.

This year every charge will have an individual charge conference. It will be conducted by a Presiding Elder from a group of Elders in the district or by the District Superintendent.

The Superintendent will lead the charge conference for any of the following reasons:

  1. There is a potential for conflict
  2. Connectional relationships are strained
  3. The local church(es) will be approving a new strategic vision

Pastors and Lay Leaders will need to discuss the nature of their church and the necessity of the Superintendent leading the charge conference.

If it is determined the DS is not essential in leading the charge conference, you will be provided the name of a Presiding Elder by the district office. You will work with the Presiding Elder to schedule your charge conference. It would be ideal for the Presiding Elder to attend your regularly scheduled October or November Church Council meeting instead of scheduling a separate meeting solely for the charge conference.


  • September 1 request the DS to preside at your charge conference by
  • For those who do not request the DS preside, an Elder will be identified for your charge conference. September 15 submit the date, time, and location to the district office
  • 2 weeks prior to your charge conference, submit completed reports to the district office
  • 1 week following the conference, submit the minutes of the charge conference to the district officeReports for Charge Conference:
  •  Minutes
  •  Pastor’s Report
  •  Compensation Report (single church or multiple church charge)
  •  Local Church Leadership Report (distributed to clergy at district meeting)
  •  Lay Servant/Lay Speaker Annual Report
  •  Trustees Report
  •  Finance Report
  •  Adult/Older Adult Ministries Report
  •  Certified Candidacy Renewal
  •  Parsonage Standards (if applicable)
  •  2018 Lay Member to Annual Conference
  •  Native American Ministries Report